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The Best Methods for Fastest Payouts

Instant payout online casinos all over the world cater to players from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

These online casinos accept many different payment methods for deposits. All the fastest paying online casinos also have withdrawal or cashout methods such as bank transfer, credit card, paper check, PayPal, among others.

These casinos stay consistently up to date on the most recent software packages and updates, and they continue to maintain high standards to achieve these rankings and fast payout times.

All the casinos on our list have strong payout times, ranging from instantaneous to a processing time of a day or two–fast compared to some networks. It’s not unusual to wait over a week to get your winnings at some casinos.

Fastest Payout Withdrawals Available

Whether you’re a seasoned table games player or someone first starting out on virtual slot machines, you have one thing in common with other gamblers:

Everyone wants their winnings quickly and easily.

Most of the payout timeliness rests with the online casino and its array of payout options. Some are slow compared to others, and a combination of casino payout times and preferred withdrawal method can make or break an online casino’s timeliness reputation.

We’ve chosen some of the fastest casinos available.

Here are a few of the fastest payout options available to online gamblers:


PayPal isn’t available at all online casinos to all players. Some countries have banned PayPal use for online gambling transactions.

If you have access to this payment method, you’re privy to one of the fastest forms of deposits and withdrawals available. Funds withdrawn from online casinos can consistently be deposited into your PayPal account instantly. From here, players can transfer your funds to your bank, or use the PayPal debit card to pay for offline transactions.

Transferring funds to a bank can take up to 2-3 business days to fully process.


The PaySafeCard provides players with incredible flexibility for online payments, allowing players to receive and pay money using a 16-digit PIN number. If you have the funds available on your PaySafeCard account, you can quickly and easily withdraw winnings and deposit them into the bank account linked to it.

Like PayPal, this process can be immediate, but the bank transfer can take a couple of days to fully process.

Electronic Wallet Systems

Electronic wallets are a fast-growing payment alternative to direct linking of bank accounts or credit cards. Options such as Instadebit, Neteller, and EntroPay are becoming popular options. They’re also one of the highest convenience options for quick casino withdrawals. The turnaround will be fast with e-wallets, rivaling timeframes of PayPal and PaySafeCard.

As with PayPal, this process can be immediate, but the bank transfer can take a couple of days to fully process.


Skrill is a globally-used third-party payment processor and a direct competitor to PayPal. Skrill’s not as well known in most developed nations, though. Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill has transfers that generally show up immediately in player accounts.

Some of the most popular online casinos on earth accept Skrill as a payment and withdrawal method. Like PayPal, PaySafeCard, and other e-wallets, this process can be immediate, but the bank transfer can take a couple of days to fully process.


Neteller is a commonly-used third-party payment processor that has become popular amongst online gamblers and virtual casinos. Categorized as an electronic wallet, Neteller has earned a favorable reputation between professional players and high-level online casinos.

Not only is Neteller fast in terms of payouts, but they have also become one of the processors with the lowest transaction fees available. Like PayPal, PaySafeCard, and other e-wallets, the withdrawal process can be immediate, but the bank transfer can take a couple of days to fully process and become available in your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

To properly make a casino winning withdrawal, it’s pivotal to understand the individual specifics of the casino itself. Each online casino has a different payment process and policy, requiring players to look through all required reading and documentation before making a selection of a deposit method. In many cases, players go to the page to cash out and then request a withdrawal.

Be sure to have all important and necessary information complete prior to this, including things such as security ID, password preferences, and sometimes paperwork for things such as W2-G tax forms and such. In some less common scenarios, players can use the same withdrawal medium as their deposit medium (including in some cases credit cards), but this is not a commonality.

Payment processing can occur almost instantly when utilizing some of the above-mentioned payment options. Other payment processing methods can take a few days, or up to a week depending on the online casino’s terms of service and payout preferences.

Possibly, but this should not be assumed. Many online casinos accepting credit cards for bankroll deposits won’t allow credit cards for payment withdrawals. Many of the aspects of this depend on the geographic location of the player as it relates to the home location of the online casino, as well as geographic payment limitations. Each online casino has their own specifications.

The length of time needed to withdraw winnings can definitely be dependent on the amount being withdrawn. While it is again incredibly important to check with your online casino cashier before winning that massive jackpot, rest assured there will be no major issues when using more reputable and audited online casinos. In most cases, larger withdrawals will occur in check based format past a certain dollar amount. When this is the situation, the check will usually arrive no later than seven to ten days after payout request.

Minimum withdrawal amounts are completely dependent on both the method of withdrawal and the online casinos rules and regulations. There are some payment processors such as Neteller that will accept withdrawal deposits as low as ten dollars. However, your selected online casino might not approve payments that fall below a certain threshold.

Not at all. The payout percentage is nothing more than the percentage of money returned to players over a specified period. For example, if an online casino has a payout percentage of 95 percent, for every $100 take in by the online casino, the site will pay out $95 to the player. This does not consider the money that makes it into the player’s hands, and is instead nothing more than the online casino’s “take”.