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Live Dealer Casino Games

Live Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack provides the ‘best of both worlds’. You get the live face to face interaction with a highly trained dealer to rival a land based casino but at the same time enjoy the ease of play, convenience and privacy of online gambling.

Live Roulette

At the most basic level roulette is a very simple game. When played in a land based casino it can seem more complex and intimidating than it really is due to the size of the table, number of casino employees necessary to operate the game and the nonstop movement of the chips and wheel.

Live Baccarat

One of the most basic things that a new player needs to learn about baccarat are the differences in the different tables you’ll find at a land based, online or live dealer casino. Historically, baccarat was a game reserved for ‘high rollers’ and associated with high stakes betting and complex, hard to understand rules.

Live Hold'em

Casino Hold’em has become a popular attraction at land based, online and live dealer casinos. It’s almost reached the point where you can expect to find it in every casino.

Live Dealer vs Land Based Casino

Live Dealer Casino
Land Based Casino
Allows players to enjoy the human element and professional dealers from the comfort of their own home providing the ‘best of both worlds’
There’s nothing like the atmosphere and ambiance of a busy land based casino. This is something that just can’t be replicated.
Players can seamlessly move their wagering bankroll between the sports book or poker room and the live betting casino.
Wide variety of games, bet types and limits. Depending on the jurisdiction, you might also find poker, simulcast horse racing and sports betting. There’s also other amenities such as dining, nightlife and shopping.
Live dealer casino action offers a wide variety of game options and betting limits.
Face to face interaction with dealers and players.
Live dealer gaming experience is much better with a fast broadband Internet connection.
In most cases, a visit to a land based casino can require travel as gaming properties are seldom logistically convenient to big population centers.

How We Rate Live Dealer Casinos

Our online casino recommendations are determined using a strict set of criteria and evaluated by our team of experienced gaming and casino industry experts. Our experts know every phase of the casino gaming industry and understand what it takes to give players a superior experience. Here are some of the primary factors that are considered when we evaluate an online casino and the games they offer:

Top Software Providers & Amazing Graphics

Top Software Providers & Amazing Graphics

We look for software platforms provided by the leading technology companies in the gaming industry. They’ve established a reputation for quality, fairness and superior game play. There’s nothing worse than trying to conduct a gaming session on ‘buggy’ software. In addition, we look for an immersive multimedia experience and focus particular attention on the graphics. High quality graphics are now the norm in all phases of the casino industry and are particularly important for online gaming properties. Better graphics facilitate a more immersive and enjoyable casino gaming experience.

Mobile Version

Mobile Version

By now everyone is well aware that a significant portion of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Given the importance of the mobile experience in today’s market we make this another one of our major criteria when evaluating an online betting property. While it might not be possible to employ the same level of multimedia and graphics on a mobile platform we do expect to see the games optimized and easy to play in this format.

Amazing Bonus Rounds & Jackpots

Amazing Bonus Rounds & Jackpots

The possibility of winning bonus rounds and jackpots are just as important for the online casino experience as they are in a land based property. This is particularly true for slots, video poker and similar games. Casino players have demonstrated through their play habits their preference for bonus rounds and big jackpots and for that reason they are a major consideration in our evaluation process. Ideally, the online casino should offer a wide variety of jackpot and bonus round types to provide an option that appeals to everyone.

Fair Play

This might be the most essential component of a quality live dealer casino. It is vitally important that players can be confident that they’re not being cheated in real money play. For this reason we evaluate game rules, payouts and the random number generators (RNG) used to determine outcomes and jackpots. Any casino that doesn’t meet our high standards of fairness to their players doesn’t make the cut.

The Greatest Gambling Guide to Live Dealer Casinos

Web Based Gameplay

With the improvement in web browser technology Internet users enjoyed greater multimedia features.  Technologies like Flash and Java allowed sites to leverage more sounds, graphics and later video.  It didn’t take long before online casinos got involved.  For online betting sites, the advantage of these improved web technologies was twofold:  first, they offered a much richer and immersive experience that came closer to replicating the video based games a player would find in a land based casino.  More significantly, these technologies facilitated online casino platforms that didn’t have to be downloaded by the player. 

At the same time, land based casinos started offering slot machines that featured high quality multimedia technology.  A generation of players raised on video games gravitated to the new wave of slot machines many of which used licensed pop culture tie ins.  This change in slot machine designed at the land based casino allowed online casinos to more quickly replicate the look and feel.  This allowed online betting sites to offer an experience that was more in line with their land based counterparts—at least with slot machine play.  Table game design and play enjoyed some incremental improvements due to the multimedia advances but there remained a significant and pronounced difference between the experience online and the one a player would find in a land based casino.

Live Dealer Casino Platforms

The next advancement in online casino platforms would come about gradually due to a confluence of several factors.  At one end, the multimedia tools that gaming software designers had to work with allowed them to implement increasingly realistic and immersive packages both for table games and slot machines.  At the other end, the price of high quality computers continued to drop while the spread of broadband Internet option improved bandwith.  The final piece of the puzzle was the rapid improvement of digital video technology over the past decade.  High quality cameras became extremely affordable and accessible.  Video protocols became more efficient and were able to transmit dependable, crystal clear images over most decent broadband connections.

This all led to the final stage in online casino development:  the addition of live dealers.  Unlike slot machines, there’s really no way to recreate the casino table game experience with digital graphics alone.  Even the most state of the art software platform pales in comparison to a highly trained and experienced dealer in a land based casino.  Finally, the technology existed to bring the best of land based table game play to the players no matter where in the world they might be. 

The concept behind live dealer play is simple enough but only recently has the technology been available to create the high level experience people enjoy today.  With a live dealer casino, players all over the world can interact with a highly professional and well trained dealer who conducts gameplay at an actual table such as you’d find in the best casinos around the world.  The player can place bets from his computer via an individual wagering interface and the live dealer operates the game just like he would in a land based casino. 

The development of casino technology has now come full circle.  Many land based casinos around the world are using similar technologies that you’d find at online betting sites.  For example, players might bet at a computerized game table and interact via video with a live dealer from a remote location.  In addition, many land based jurisdictions are now offering online and mobile options that are virtually identical to what online betting sites have been offering for years.

Live Dealer vs. Land Based Casinos

Live dealer casino platforms have improved to the point where they offer a gaming experience on a similar level as the top land based casinos.  While nothing can completely replicate the atmosphere and ambiance of a busy casino a live dealer casino comes close.  More significantly, the live dealer casino provides this experience minus a number of significant downsides you’ll find at a land based property.  For one thing, you don’t have to travel to enjoy a live dealer casino.  In North America, there are more land based casinos available to residents than ever before.  Even so, few of these are close to the largest population centers.  For this reason, bettors have to drive in some cases hundreds of miles just to get to  a casino.  Once they get there, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to enjoy their favorite game.  The casino might be too busy or else they could have a limited number of tables available.  There’s nothing worse than driving several hundred miles and not being able to play the casino games you want to play.

The live dealer casino brings the best of the land based property into your home without many of the liabilities.  Gone are the logistical challenges—travel, parking, dealing with crowds, etc.  A player can enjoy live dealer casino gameplay 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  Technology is such that a player doesn’t even need to be on his computer—the best live dealer gaming platforms are also available from mobile devices.  When you play at a live dealer casino you can control every aspect of your experience.  You’ll never find that a casino is too hot or too cold, is too loud or too crowded or playing music that you don’t enjoy.  Every detail of your environment can be adjusted to your individual preference.

Recent news stories have made live dealer casinos an even more viable option.  With the need for ‘social distancing’ to reduce the transmission of disease it is obviously that a live dealer casino offers considerable advantages over land based casinos.  Not only are live dealer casinos more convenient, they can also be better for your health. 

Convenience & Ease of Play

Live dealer casinos offer a much higher degree of convenience than land based gaming properties.  Depending on your individual proximity to a land based casino a gaming session can be a time commitment of hours or in some cases days.  There’s also the expense of travel getting to the casino and ancillary costs once you get there—food, drinks, parking, lodging, etc.  You can be out a tidy sum before you even make it to the gaming table. 

With a live dealer casino you’re completely control of your time and experience.  No matter where you live or what game you want to play a high level casino experience is just a few clicks away.  Even better—it doesn’t cost you anything to get there.  Just grab a seat at your computer and you’re ready to play.  Once you’re done, you won’t have to drive just to get home and return to your daily schedule.  There’s no better way to get the best in casino gaming action with the utmost in convenience and ease.

For players that might be new to a game, a live dealer casino can be a much better environment in which to learn.  Sometimes tables at land based casinos can be full of impatient players and busy dealers that might not have the time or interest in answering questions or explaining rules.  That isn’t the case in a live dealer casino where the staff is specifically trained to be helpful to new players. 

Fair Game Play

The reality is that the overwhelming majority of online casinos play it fair.  This includes all of the casinos recommended on this site.  Casino software packages are powered by a random number generator (RNG) which makes sure that everything remains on the up-and-up.  Even so, there are still people that have concerns that the computer is working against them unless they can see cards being dealt and dice being rolled.  For these people, live dealer casino play is a perfect fit.  Every roll of the dice or draw of the card is conducted in clear view of players just the same as in a land based casino.