The Best Online Casinos for Mac Users

In the heyday of the start of online gambling’s popularity rise, basically no games existed for Mac computers. There were zero applicable Mac-catering online casinos in the market. In the current era, though, with the rise of Apple computer market share amongst personal computing, there are a plethora of available Mac casinos that offer either a Flash version of their software, or a specific MacOS compatible download. If a Mac online casinos doesn’t offer Flash versions or Mac download versions, they likely will provide an older Java version of their software suite. This is also compatible with Apple computers.

With this far wider variety and selection of gaming choices, though, comes a new bigger issue: Which of these casinos is the best one to play at for Mac users? Of course, you want to have a great gaming experience, and not to spend your days searching for the strongest bonuses, or checking if you are receiving the nest possible deal.

First Off, Three Mac Casinos to Avoid Like the Plague

Gambling at a preferred online casino through a Mac computer should be an easy task. It should be a way to pass the time, providing some level of entertainment, with the possibility of receiving some winnings in the process.

Sad but true, not all Mac compatible casino offerings are as trusted as they may make themselves look. These are the sites that will truly affect a player’s positive online casino experience. Three such sites that have been uncovered in our research are Lady Dream Casino, Mighty Slots, and Betport Casino.

  • Lady Dream Casino shows a large discrepancy between play mode and real money mode, with real money mode showing a far higher house advantage and far lower win rates. Thusly, many players who are “caught on the hook” report unfair treatment and poor customer interactions.
  • Mighty Slots, an iPad casino by the Curgan NV Group, has consistently failed to pay their players, and has rampant and consistently poor quality customer service and player support.
  • Betport Casino has been reported on several occasions to confiscate and refuse to pay winnings without proper reasoning. Additionally, the site has been known to have poor or complete lack of responses to online complaints, comments, and concerns.

Avoid the three sites above at all costs. There are plenty of shady Mac-catering online casinos, but the three above options are the lowest of the low. Tread with caution and do your own due diligence before pulling the trigger on an online casino offering play and convenience for Mac users.

Mac Centric Online Casino Withdrawal Process

As a Mac based online casino player, you have likely played some online casino game to good success, and are in the green overall, with some winnings. At this point, how does one go about the process of cashing out those hard-earned winnings with the least amount of issues?

Mac online casinos offer a strong array of bankroll deposit and withdrawal options to players on Apple owned desktop devices. However, keep bearing in mind that not all withdrawal methods are instantaneous. The time needed to wait for winnings to be deposited into your account of choice varies per both the casino and the payment method. Some take a few minutes, some can take a few days, and using one of the below third party payment processing services likely will equal a couple-day wait time for

For some looks at various payment methods for online casinos accepting of Mac users, look to the articles below:

Additionally, it may be required to meet the specific online Mac casino’s play-through requirements if utilizing a welcome bonus. This requirement specifies the amount of money that must be gambled before a player can make withdrawals.

The top five online Mac casinos we have found in accordance with our in-depth research are the following: