There’s plenty of great sites for online poker but everyone needs to experience the thrill of sitting down at a live table in a land based casino. And there’s no place better for this than Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are some of the best poker rooms in town:


Many recreational players avoid the Bellagio because it has a reputation for being a venue favored by famous players. While this is true, there’s plenty of tables there for recreational and novice players as well. If you have some skill yourself the weekend is a great time to go as it attracts plenty of tourists who tend to play recklessly.


Many Las Vegas based pros consider the poker room at the Wynn Resort to be the best in town. Great staff, well decorated room. Known for having some of the top limits and biggest buy-ins in town. Regulars say it’s one of the ‘most comfortable’ rooms in town.


The Aria is in the huge City Center complex and many ‘insiders’ suggest that this beautiful poker room isn’t far behind the Wynn in the city’s gaming hierarchy. Day or night, plenty of players with a lively atmosphere and plenty of action. Lots of experienced players come here but so do a lot of recreational players. One of the best (only?) options if you like to play early morning poker.


Poker in downtown Las Vegas isn’t what it used to be but the Golden Nugget is considered the best in the area. 13 tables featuring $1/$2 No Limit Holdem and $2/$4 Limit Hold’em.


The Venetian is the largest poker room in Las Vegas with 37 tables with limit and no limit hold’em along with pot limit Omaha. They also have daily tournaments. You’ll find some serious players here but the Venetian is usually teeming with conventioneers and tourists and they can be ‘easy pickings’ for anyone with a minimal skill level.