Not all casinos are created equal when it comes to finding the best bet for your money. This is not only true in Nevada where slot machine payouts can vary widely from one property to another but in any other casino jurisdiction including online. To some extent, this is the case for every casino game. It’s certainly true for video poker and we’re going to examine a fast growing casino jurisdiction in ‘flyover country’ to find you the best return on your investment.

Casino gambling is like any other business. The more competition there is in the marketplace the better it is for the consumer–that would be you. Nevada has an extremely competitive gaming market and that’s why you can find high payout slots and video poker machines. A state like New Mexico has a significantly less competitive market and that’s why you’ll find good video poker returns only on a limited number of higher stakes machines. Online betting is arguably the most competitive marketplace of all which means that if you do a little research you can find player friendly casino games that you can play without leaving home.

The state of Indiana recently expanded their menu of gaming options including the addition of sports betting. New casinos are in the pipeline but currently you can find over a dozen places throughout the state where you can enjoy some video poker. In general terms, these are some of the places where you’ll find good payouts:


There’s a lot of changes afoot in Indiana’s casino gambling industry. One of the biggest is forthcoming opening of the Hard Rock Casino Gary which will be the most elaborate property in the area. It isn’t expected to open until December 31, 2020.

Now the bad news. The dozen or so casinos in the Hoosier State aren’t an especially competitive market. For that reason, the video poker payouts aren’t particularly good. In our experience, these are the best of the meager options:


In my opinion, the best option for video poker in Indiana. Even so, it’s not anything great. At least you can find some decent paying 25 cent machines which isn’t always the case at other properties. Here you can find some Deuces Wild variations that pay in the high 98%/low 99% range. You’ll also find some Jacks or Better games that return at a similar percentage. Rising Star Casino is on the East side of the state across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.


The video poker payouts aren’t particular good even at higher denominations. Your best bet is some quarter Jacks or Better machines in the low to mid 98% range. The Indiana Grand is operated by Caesars Entertainment which means the amenities here are better than most of the properties in the state. They’ve also got a sportsbook.


The Blue Chip Casino Hotel Spa is a Boyd Gaming property and the video poker payouts are fair to middling. You can find 98% range payouts on quarter Deuces Wild and Bonus Poker. Your best bet is to enjoy the recently opened FanDuel Sportsbook. It’s not the closest casino to the Chicago area but the property is significantly nicer and better run than any of the Gary area casinos. It’s worth the extra half hour to 45 minute drive.