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The Best Online Casinos for VIP’s and High Rollers

Power players are very recognizable in many online casinos. Depositing and playing is the best course of action to start on the road to becoming an acknowledgeable player at a high roller online casino. People in charge of VIP and high roller casino networks have their own advanced set of standards to determine what can be defined as a “high roller” in their eyes. However, as a rule of thumb, the standard deposit to be considered a high roller at most establishments is $10,000.

At this point, players who deposit that level of bankroll need to maintain a high level of play on a regular basis to rack up whatever version of “points” or “rewards” that online casino has. Big consistent bets boost points quickly, regardless of wins or losses. It may sound like a ton of gambling, but once your foot is in the door, players can use their VIP status at one online casino to transfer the same credibility elsewhere.

Perks of VIP Online Casino Offerings

As a VIP player, gamblers receive numerous benefits that a lot of players don’t have access to. Online casinos, much like their land-based counterparts, will do many things to maintain their high roller players, and the larger your bankroll, the more they are willing to offer.

Faster payout times and personalized gift offerings are nothing more than the tip of the iceberg. The accelerated cash withdrawals and rewards for high roller players can become quite massive, along with access to special VIP only events. When you are relaxing at an all-inclusive resort paid for by your favorite online casino, you will begin to realize the benefits of high roller status.

But is becoming a high roller worth the expense and time?

Every player is out for those rewards that come hand in hand with being a VIP in an internet based high roller and VIP casino. It’s important to ask yourself if the risk is worth the potential rewards. Weigh the costs and benefits. It is safe to assume that online casinos statistically expect to take more money from players than they intend to pay out. You can read through all our articles mentioning house edges for more information on this. That’s just their business model. If you’re looking to maintain your reward status level, you will need to continue playing. VIP status is not a permanent thing once reached.

Status levels are re-evaluated on a near constant basis. A true VIP casino player is a player that is playing for more than just the anticipated rewards. If you are a player who prefers playing at higher limits, and feel like you would still do so with or without the probable rewards, then whether you lose or win, the perks only assist to help you out. If you burn through all your bankroll just to be included in a casino’s VIP program, you will end up very disappointed.

Best Casino Options for VIP’s and High Rollers

Properly evaluating VIP programs at any given high roller and VIP online casino is a rough thing to do. Many factors need to be accounted for, and most information is difficult to dig up and research the facts that set casinos apart from one another. There are thousands of online casinos offering VIP programs for high-bankroll spenders. Three of the online casinos with the strongest VIP programs we have found are Ignition Casino, Bovada, and Going deeper, here is a quick review of each of the three:

VIP and High Roller Casino: Ignition Casino

Ignition is an online casino new to the online gambling scene (compared to Bovada and Ignition offers the fastest transactional payment processes of any tested online casinos. Ignition casino offers a safer and more anonymous gambling process as well, with an overall audit performed annually by a professional gaming commission. This ensures a safe and fair game when players start to gamble real money, and increase their bankrolls to Ignition’s coveted VIP level.

VIP and High Roller Casino: Bovada

Players looking for a great online casino with a boatload of VIP perks and benefits are highly encouraged to play through Bovada. Using their minimalistic and simple transactional process, placing larger bankroll deposits or committing to winnings withdrawals is a breeze. Bovada has quickly grown into one of the largest and most widely-used online casino currently accepting new VIP players. Bovada is currently offering a $3,000 welcome bonus for new players to their service.

VIP and High Roller Casino: offers an incredibly wide range of games and slots from the top software providers on the market. An incredibly popular Vegas-style online casino, has long been known to accept new VIP players consistently. Players are offered a wide array of rewarding, creative bonus promotions, and all transactions are not only offered a high degree of anonymity through, but are also secure with SSL technology. This is a great option to begin your trek towards VIP status, and currently, is offering a $4,000 welcome bonus for new players to their service.

Low-Quality VIP and High Roller Casino Findings

Some online VIP and high roller casinos have been found to be unsafe and unfair. These include, in our research, Casino Del Rio, Lucky Eighteen, and Cirrus Casino. Casino Del Rio has been blacklisted by multiple gaming commissions for having gone rogue in the past, being unregulated, and having ridiculously long wait times for payment processing, sometimes stretching into the months.

Lucky Eighteen has near-impossible requirements for wagering, and is marked by a clear lack of customer service and player support for potential issues. Cirrus Casino also has similarly long wait times, in the same vein as Casino Del Rio, but also is marked by constant technical issues and lack of support or IT to solve them in a timely manner.

If you are truly looking to become a high roller VIP at an online casino, and reap the rewards of doing so, make sure to perform proper due diligence to keep yourself from getting burned, and keep your hard earned money in your bankroll.